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Rio Grande Service Center has been a pet food and pet supply distributor for 35 years. We are proud we provide excellent customer service, high fill rates, and regularly scheduled deliveries. Our sales and operations teams have many years of retail management and sales experience that we use everyday to help our customers increase profits and grow their business.


Our delivery area includes AZ, NM, CO, WY, and El Paso, TX.



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Introducing Farmina! 

Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony. Our mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. That’s why in our kitchen, we mix and cook only the finest raw ingredients following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts. With their expertise, we have designed a scientifically validated diet specific to a carnivores nutritional needs.


Pets hold a very special place in our family. We love to see our pets happy, and we believe nutrition is pivotal to improving their quality of life. This motivates us to develop the best food possible for our beloved four-legged friends.

Nature is the greatest source of ingredients in the food we produce. By serving the most nutritious food, we can effectively nourish pets from their first days with their families through senior age. Nature is our inspiration. Science is our method.

Dogs and cats are our four-legged family members that emanate the emotions found at home. With nutrition as the basis of their wellbeing, a balanced meal can leave them feeling happy and joyful which they can then pass onto you.

That’s why our motto is: Happy Pet, Happy You. ​

Introducing A Pup Above! 

Most traditional ‘fresh dog food’ has been cooked over high heat. When that happens, the food’s weight shrinks by about 25%, losing a lot of vitamins, nutrients, and protein. Our secret sauce is the power of the sous-vide cooking method, cooking foods slowly and evenly to retain all that wholesome goodness. 


We cook our fresh food with 100% human grade ingredients using the sous-vide method at our USDA inspected facility. Then we test each batch of our sous-vide dog food for pathogens to ensure it is safe for your kitchen and your pup.

Introducing New Zealand Naturals! 

We all know that what we put into our body determines how we feel and how we live our life. We are so careful about what we eat, making sure our food is wholesome and nutritious so we always feel our best, so why shouldn’t our animals have the same? After all, they are an important part of the family!

We created The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. out of a desire to give pet parents (like us!) a convenient and safe option to feed their pets a wholesome and complete diet, as close to raw as possible. We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive. WOOF and MEOW (our dog and cat food ranges) are designed around the daily rituals of caring for your pet’s body, skin and well-being, but with a dietary balance. Our premium pet food range uses fresh whole ingredients, which are brimming with earth-grown goodness. 

Introducing Northwest Naturals! 

Every batch of Northwest Naturals™ raw natural pet foods for dogs and cats has a minimum of 6% fresh ground bone added.  Fresh ground bone is a great source of natural calcium for your pet’s health. Most manufacturers do not use fresh ground bones because bones are hard to grind.  Instead they use powders of calcium and phosphorus.

How hard are bones to grind?  Very hard.  We tested several different pieces of equipment with motors of up to 150 HP to try to break bones down prior to grinding.  Smoke, steam, and loud noises is about all they would produce.  Major grinding equipment companies will not warranty their equipment for bone grinding operations. What does Northwest Naturals™ use now? We use all steel heavy duty frozen block meat grinders turning at very slow rpms to break bones down into even smaller pieces.  Our procedure for grinding bones is: The 1st machine will break the bones into pieces about 2-3″ in size.  The 2nd machine breaks the bones into 1/2 -1″ pieces.  The final machine grinds the bones through a stainless steel plate with holes that are an 1/8″ diameter.  Soft cartilage tissue that is attached to hard bones can squeeze and flex through a 1/8″ hole and then expand to slightly larger than 1/8″.  Fresh ground bone pieces at 1/8″ or less are easily digestible for your pet’s natural nutritional health.

Why does Northwest Naturals™ use fresh ground bone?  Because it is the only correct way to give your pet natural and balanced calcium in their diet.

Why do so many other manufacturers not use fresh ground bones?  Because bones are very hard to grind – because the equipment for bone grinding is very expensive -and because adding a synthetic powder is easier and cheaper.

Introducing Lix! 

We are a pet wellness company inspired to build a portfolio of specially formulated products, with a custom cannabinoid blend that tastes great and is kind to our furry, or not so furry friends, kind to our world, and kind to our bank accounts. We are pet owners just like you, and we want the best for our pets!

We know you have many choices of CBD products for your pets, and we at LIX strive to create a variety of quality hemp products that all our pets will love!

Love your pet, give them LIX. 

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It is very easy to get in touch with us. Call us at 505-877-2349, and a real person will greet you. No extensions, operators, machines or "on hold music." You may also write to us using the Contact Form.

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